Sean is an engineer by trade. He has worked in the corporate world for over 15 years before deciding to quit his day time job to pursue his passion and to be more creative. Sean relocated to Newcastle, Australia, enjoying the coastal life style and giving him the time and opportunity to experiment with making his own soy wax candles. His first candle brand Stone.Wood.Wax was born in 2013 from the desire to create a candle that didn't come in a glass jar and smelt like vanilla. After a short stint back in the private sector during 2014, which saw Sean relocating to Brisbane, the time had come to close the corporate chapter once and for all and dedicate himself full time to the business. Sean and his partner Anna's zest for life, travel and exploration has led the business to expand into Field - Issue.


Born in the early 80s in a small town in Northern Germany, Anna was raised as an only child with two extremely adventurous parents who embedded in her from an early age the lust for travel, foreign experiences, music and the arts. This upbringing has seen her travel to all corners of the globe meeting some amazingly talented and creative people along the way. Anna moved to Australia to further her education in 2007 and has since found herself a home and a lifestyle that was more conducive to her passion of the outdoors and living a simpler life. Anna takes great joy in the simple things in life; a devoted yoga teacher, classically trained violinist and pianist, and self taught photographer, there isn't much Anna can't do (except be tied down to one place...). Anna's love of design, visual arts and photography compliment the Field - Issue brand perfectly, with most of the photography for the business coming from Anna's camera lens.