Inspiring Authentic Simplicity


    Some of you may have noticed our new Field - Issue logo and the underlying tagline “Inspiring Authentic Simplicity”. Having just returned from an adventurous four months on the road, the new logo and tagline came about organically as we found ourselves living a simpler, yet more authentic life within the four walls of our converted VW Kombi.

     But what authentic simplicity really mean? The idea behind it is something that is very close to our hearts and something we try and embrace on a daily basis. For us, it means trimming life to the basics, shedding material possessions to a select few items that we use regularly, are of superior quality, design and function and are a lifetime purchase. Ideally, these products are ethically sourced, produced sustainably and built to last.

      The world is fast becoming a “throw away society”, but what's driving this crazy behaviour? Is it people's need to keep up with the latest trends in fashion or technology? Why do we need to turn over our wardrobe every season or do a full renovation of our homes every time IKEA drops another catalogue on our door step? We believe that the companies we choose to align ourselves with play a massive part in this consumerist cycle. New “me too” products are being released faster than ever, often being of poor quality and made to please the mindless consumer.

     When was the last time you bought something and really questioned your purchase before handing over your hard-earned? Do you ever wonder who made it, in whose pocket your money ends up and how long it is going to last? I personally started doing exactly these things after walking away from the corporate world and the $200k+ salary package to pursue my own dream of being self employed. It’s amazing how you look at your spending habits when you don’t have a flow of money landing in your account mid month.

       I started to dig deeper once Anna and I decided to move in together, combining two places into one. We took a good look at our personal possessions and needs and decided to let go of many things that were just weighing us down. A number of early morning garage sales and runs to the local donation bins was the start of the lightening of the load. It is an interesting dynamic to watch strangers rummage through your stuff that you thought you needed a few years back.

      But authentic simplicity is more than just owning less, it is an expression of freedom, of lightness and agility. Imagine being able to pack up your life in a few hours and go wherever. What would hold you back from accepting an amazing opportunity that came up overnight? Would you choose to pursue the opportunity and go, or would you wonder what to do with your car and your mortgage payments? And what about the cat for god’s sake, who would feed the cat…!?

      So just for one minute, imagine the following scenario: Imagine you said yes to this amazing opportunity. Imagine you walk into your house, grab the only bag you own, pack your three shirts, a pair of jeans, jacket, sweater, some socks, underwear, shoes and your toiletry bag. Grab your laptop, phone, camera, headphones and of course your passport. Imagine you grab an Uber and on your way to the airport you re-activate your Airbnb profile on your apartment, call your friend who does your resets between guests and of course call your parents to let them know you are off to Alaska to assist with the filming of the migration of the buffalo and will be back once the last buffalo has completed its 1000 mile migration. Sounds crazy, right…? Well let me tell you, it is possible to do these things. It may not be the buffalo migration that you’re passionate about, but you get the point. The only thing stopping you from living a simple and authentic life and pursuing your passion is the attachment to the stuff you own.

      So let’s make this life a little simpler. Take time out to be more adventurous and go places you've never been before. Step outside of your comfort zone and open up to the amazing possibilities around you. But most importantly, be authentic in whatever you do.

Sean + Anna

Co-founders of FIELD - ISSUE


Sean Peel