We are Flinders Trading Co.

Dear friends,

If you have read through our latest newsletter, you'd be aware that we have gone through some massive changes towards the end of last year and leading into 2017. With the addition of our two new candle brands, FIELD - ISSUE and White Wash Fragrances, and the desire to expand our product range beyond just candles, we created Flinders Trading Co.

Flinders Trading Co. stands for more than just candles and beautiful hand crafted homewares. It represents a life style that values freedom, creativity, honesty, simplicity and purpose. Flinders is an expression of the things we love, whether it be homewares, photography, travel stories, or recipes.

We aim to be an inspiration for anyone seeking the simple pleasures of life and encourage people to return to their roots and live a life that is authentic and which has purpose. We encourage people to explore new or long lost hobbies, learn new skills, become more environmentally conscious and self aware. We hope to create a spark of change, as tiny as it may be, to stop in your tracks and re-think the way we live today.

2017 will continue to stand for ongoing change. This year will see us step out of our comfort zone even further, travelling through Europe in a converted van and backpacking through the back roads of Sri Lanka, diving deeper into 'the simple life' that we crave so much. Having travelled extensively already, returning to the so-called comforts of the Western world is always an eye opener. There are so many things that society tells us we need in order to be successful and happy. But once we have acquired these things, we often realize that they don't lead to happiness. Some of the most carefree and content times of our life were "on the road", with only a small backpack of essentials on our backs.

So let's return to a life of simplicity, true friendships and real conversation, and stop striving for things that don't matter.

Looking forward to sharing more of our life with you all.


Anna & Sean

Sean Peel